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“The clouds created by this tool are full of raw and wild energy, very primal.” – Dave Archer

Visitors to Lake Tahoe make it a point to come by the Marcus Ashley Gallery to experience the joy of exploring fine art. The gallery invites repeat customers and newcomers to witness the power of creativity on display by local, national, and global talent. While you’re here, be sure to check out Dave Archer art. The artist’s original electric paintings are a unique collection to own and display in a private or public space.

A lovely textured orb with a gradient blend of blush pink and electric violet paint takes the fore in Fireworks. Iridescent hues crackle against the glass surface, creating a mesmerizing tapestry of rainbow hues. In Archer’s solar system, spellbinding cosmic events are an extraordinary sight to behold. Fireworks, like other space-themed pieces by the artist, captures the essence and raw beauty of electric painting.

Through decades of practice, the artist has mastered the art of reverse glass painting. It’s no surprise that his work is highly coveted by avid collectors. This painting will look remarkable alongside other pieces by Archer. Viewers can mount Fireworks in a deluxe recreation room, bar, waiting room, or dining area.