Navajo Way


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“Canyon de Chelly is the queen of Arizona canyons. Here, the evening light streams across soft and shadowed cliffs and you can almost hear the sounds of life below echoing up to the rim.” – Charles Pabst

One can truly experience the beauty of art and the stories they have to share at the Marcus Ashley Gallery. While you’re in Lake Tahoe, do come by to view the collections on display, including Charles Pabst art.

The artist recalls his time at Canyon de Chelly National Monument in northeastern Arizona. This protected park continues to be the home of the Navajo People who still reside here. Navajo Way depicts this iconic destination’s  sandstone cliffs and verdant landscape and Pabst captures the smooth, jagged cliff faces during golden hour.

The region is famous for its ancestral rock art and the Pueblo ruins that have immortalized Native American history. From this vantage point atop the cliff, viewers get an expansive view of the canyons below and the homeland of the Navajo tribe.

The manipulation of light and shadows in Navajo Way gives it a spectacular finish that viewers will deeply admire.


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