Mescalero Canyon


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“I often travel with my wife and children to explore, photograph, and paint the diverse panorama of the American West.” – Charles Pabst

Many people travel to Lake Tahoe in search of relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of city life. After taking in the unrivaled natural beauty of the place, visitors can submerge their senses in the calming and dramatic scenic views of Charles Pabst art at the Marcus Ashley Gallery. The landscape artist’s paintings feature a series of stunning places from around the world.

Several paintings by Pabst, such as Mescalero Canyon, feature magnificent places steeped in cultural or historical significance. The Mescalero Canyon in South Central New Mexico is an imposing cluster of sweeping valleys and towering cliffs. It is home to the Mescalero Apache Tribe, known for their resourcefulness and expert hunting and gathering skills. Today, they own several establishments on the reservation.

Like a scene from a history book, the painting reveals a trio of Apache tribespeople venturing into the wild to hunt for the day’s catch. Pabst adds the intricate details of their native clothing and headgear to stay true to the Apache’s attire. The artist acknowledges the rich history of the Mescalero people through a classic palette of muted and vivid hues in Mescalero Canyon.