Iron Mountain


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“As an artist, you start painting from your own heart, your feelings, and your mind, or maybe it is even more of a spiritual thing that happens.” – Charles Pabst

All who come by the Marcus Ashley Gallery leave with their hearts full. The collections on display will transpose viewers to stunning worlds, both real and imaginative. Prepare to experience a spectrum of emotions as you view the commendable exhibits on display, including Charles Pabst art. The gallery’s knowledgeable staff will help you discover more about your favorite artists as you explore the fine collections.

Pabst depicts some mighty rocks in this painting titled Iron Mountain. As the subrange of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Iron Mountains is an impressive vista of elevated peaks. The mountain range circles an isolated desert filled with cacti, blooms, and shrubbery. This little slice of heaven sits under an impressive marshmallow-toned sky. As sunlight washes over the land, it highlights the unique facets of this land.

The artist deftly controls light and shadows to create a realistic depiction of this tranquil location. Viewers will deeply relate to Pabst’s passion and appreciation for the great outdoors. Interested buyers will find that Iron Mountain creates a soothing aesthetic in any room it is mounted in.