Florence Duomo


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“A street scene shows the city of love taken over by great buildings and beautiful flowers and people.” – Charles Pabst

Lake Tahoe is considered a worthy destination, not just for its arresting landscapes and breathtaking greenery. The Marcus Ashley Gallery in the district is a prime location to view and acquire some of the finest art. This brick-and-mortar showroom exhibits the works of native, national, and international artists, and Charles Pabst art is part of its growing repertoire of exquisite collections.

The Arizona-based artist underscores the raw beauty of Southwest America in most of his pieces. Visitors will experience feelings of comfort, nostalgia, awe, and optimism while exploring his work.

Pabst’s love for the Italian city springs forth in a rainbow of vivid tones in Florence Duomo. Delicate, agile brushstrokes draw attention to the artist’s unmistakable aesthetic. The impressive gothic cathedral carries a wispy wash of oil paint as it rises in the distance. A recurring figure, the shrouded lone traveler walks past the colorfully dressed locals and tourists in the direction of the Duomo.

Florence Duomo deftly captures the energy of Italy’s dreamy facade with spring’s finest blossoms dotting the canvas in a kaleidoscope of hues.