Enchanted Night


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Print that is signed and numbered by the artist.

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“When my son and I traveled around Greece, everywhere there was something to paint. The reflections in the port of Gytheio reflect the color and life of its people.” – Charles Pabst

Lake Tahoe holds a remarkable reserve of picturesque landscapes and mountain vistas that will leave visitors awestruck. Its sheer beauty and tranquility are what drew the patrons of the Marcus Ashley Gallery to this location. At the gallery, one can browse through Charles Pabst art besides the works of other great artists. As a celebrated and world-renowned painter, Pabst’s work speaks volumes through its powerful and heartwarming themes.

Enchanted Night captures the Greecian port town of Gytheio in southern Peloponnese. Pabst paints the waterfront of the Greek harbor with a row of neatly anchored sailboats. In the background, Gytheio’s neoclassical architecture rises proudly against a midnight blue and violet sky. As the land stretches into the distance, the town’s sparkling structures punctuate the darkness. Pabst deftly captures Gytheio’s beauty through loose, careful brushstrokes and vivid smears and flicks of paint.

The artist creates a mesmerizing tapestry of colors, shadows, and light that allow the composition to take on a life of its own. Enchanted Night will look stunning on a wall alongside other works by Pabst.

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