Winter Rose – Sculpture


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Available in 3 sizes and each piece is a unique handcrafted original encased in glass

“In 2020, I produced my first sculpture (Eternal Love) and came up with the idea of a Winter Rose sculpture. It came with the cycle of Winter Rose oil paintings. I was trying to find another language that expressed the same pursuit of light which I had conveyed through the paintings, except in three dimensional form and without any color.” – Alexander Volkov, 2021

The Marcus Ashley Gallery is home to a large number of Alexander Volkov art pieces. These include hundreds of oil paintings and the artist’s latest creations, albeit of a different type. We’re talking about sculptures. Art lovers will appreciate this staggering body of work in the gallery’s on-site showroom and through its online exhibition. Both collectors and the uninitiated will find his carvings the perfect ornaments to grace the living rooms of homes and the lobbies of hotels.

The Winter Rose is a very fragile sculpture because of the polymer-clay material used in its creation. The challenge for Volkov was to find a permanent way to protect it while being creative in the presentation. After in-depth research and several experiments, he selected a high epoxy resin base and a sapphire glass encasement creating an illusion of the Rose floating in the air.

This sculpture is available in three sizes. Each clay rose is handcrafted either by Volkov or his son, Nicholas, and the artist has himself hand cuts each glass case in his studio.