Maple Moon Road


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“There is a universe of time called Summer which is how we remember them as children. We had more time on our hands than we knew what to do with, and the best thing was that we didn’t have to know.

What needed to be done was mainly dictated by the weather. Good days, rainy days and all.” – Alexander Volkov

The patrons of the Marcus Ashley Gallery combine several years of expertise with their love for art and Lake Tahoe. As a testament to that passion, the brick-and-mortar gallery has been in business for over 18 years. Sculptures, limited-edition prints, oil paintings, and other art forms fill the walkways of this colossal space. Here is where you’ll also find Alexander Volkov art.

Volkov’s love for the changing seasons comes through in “Maple Moon Road.” Volkov leaves room for viewers to feel the comforting weight of a slow, mindful day. It’s a lovely piece that one can proudly mount in a chic or quaint space.

The artist manipulates natural light that changes through the day, making this piece perfect for bright and dimly lit rooms. Maple Moon Road can be acquired in person or online from the Marcus Ashley Gallery.