Park City Dusk


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Dimensions 30 × 40 in

The Marcus Ashley Gallery curates some of the world’s best art by famous artists. From Michelangelo and Steve Barton to Dr. Suess and Todd White, the gallery is a sanctuary of exquisite collections. Visitors can expect nothing short of exceptional service by the staff in-person or online. Their knowledge of Alexander Volkov art can help collectors with pieces of interest.

To the east of Salt Lake City in Utah, you’ll find the idyllic Park City, which Volkov captures in the painting, Park City Dusk. From a distance, the blushing hues of the departing sun light up the ashen landscape with a soft glow. A barn sits silently amidst a blanket of snow that blends with the edifice.

The artist uses a muted palette to capture the peaceful vibes that winter brings. Using minimal visual components, Volkov manages to stir up emotions. His knack for creating a breathtaking illusion of light and shadows allows him to produce moving art.

Park City Dusk and other works of the artist are available at the Marcus Ashley Gallery for commercial and residential installations.