Eternal Love


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Dimensions 6.75 × 8 × 17 in

“[My teachers] have all taught me something – how to see, hear, understand things, and most importantly, how to understand myself. I cannot separate any one of their voices from the voice I hear inside of me and which has become my own voice.” – Alexander Volkov

Alexander Volkov art aficionados will be pleased to find the artist’s sculptures at the Marcus Ashley Gallery in addition to his vast collection of paintings. Acknowledged the world over as a master of realism painting, Volkov once again manifests his virtuosity through a different medium. These remarkable sculptures are the perfect centerpieces on coffee tables, display shelves, and fireplace mantels.

Eternal Love is Volkov’s debut sculpture. The artist used polymer clay infused with marble powder and solid marble as a base. A product of the tumultuous year of 2020, it represents enduring faith, hope, and love for life. Two hands reaching upwards in harmony demonstrate human resilience in difficult times. Through the perfectly balanced composition and the purity of solid white, Volkov maintains his firm belief in mankind’s unified ability to overcome. At the same time, he retains his trademark of contrasting light and darkness by allowing the elements to cast shadows at different angles of illumination.