Wolf Moon


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32" x 24"



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“Each full moon has its own name. The one in January is called Wolf Moon. For me, this painting is a continuation of my imaginary conversation with Andrew Wyeth as it reminds me of his painting Night Sleeper.” – Alexander Volkov, 2015

The Marcus Ashley Gallery proudly displays one of the most comprehensive compilations of Alexander Volkov art. These oil paintings are available for viewing in the brick and mortar showroom or through the gallery’s online exhibition. The Window series is part of the artist’s collections, and it bears his signature daydream quality. The remarkable realism style in these portraits makes for interesting conversation in any private or public receiving room.

An aura of mystery envelopes this piece entitled Wolf Moon. The glow from the Earth’s satellite in its full glory brightens the nighttime view outside the window such that snow and soil are distinguishable from each other. Unerringly making its way to the glass window, the light casts lattice shadows on the framework. Volkov finds endless fascination in those magical moments when day turns into night, and his brushstrokes flawlessly interpret it on canvas. His trademark use of light to bring out darkness, and vice versa, is profoundly breathtaking.


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