Western Sky


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27" x 44"



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“I have discovered this garage somewhere halfway between San Francisco and
St. Helena in Napa Valley, California. There are many places like this throughout the United States and there is something bittersweet and nostalgic about them – a small business by the side of the road and a big faraway sky above it.” – Alexander Volkov, 2016

The Marcus Ashley Gallery curates an impressive number of Alexander Volkov art pieces. Each one is an exquisite statement piece, including the artist’s Sunset series. Volkov captures the dusk that settles over rural America, in these oil paintings, with breathtaking detail and luminosity. Presented in various styles and color palettes, every painting in this series will add depth and warmth to any space, whether the color scheme is neutral and monochromatic or bright and multi-tinted.

In Western Sky, Volkov features California’s twilight in a countryside landscape. The fleeting moment comes alive in a dramatic artwork of brilliant hues that contrast beautifully with the darkness just starting to envelop the scene. A bulky car sits in the garage, evoking sentiments of nostalgia, the artist’s signature theme. The big blue sky amplifies the emptiness of the concrete lot and the green fields beyond, stirring a longing for yesteryears when such establishments thrived with people and life.