September Story


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30" x 40"



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“It’ll all be there

When we wake up tomorrow,

Just like we know it,

But I say it’s not enough.

And yet the leaves unburnt and yet the boughs unbroken

The days stand tall amid the Autumn light

And everything we learnt and all the words unspoken

Can still take flight and yet I know it’s not enough…”

– A poem by Alexander Volkov, 2004


For both new and old Lake Tahoe tourists, Marcus Ashley Fine Art Gallery is a recommended stopover. It boasts an expansive repertoire of magnificent paintings by internationally renowned artists, including Alexander Volkov art. Famous for his flair at interweaving light and dark in the realism style, Volkov creates prints that evoke mystery and nostalgia. These pieces inspire interesting conversations in intimate or large gatherings.

Each of us has a September tale to tell – endings that coincide with the last days of summer; beginnings that concur with the arrival of Fall. September Story is more of a question rather than a statement piece from Volkov. Is this the month when one commences a new chapter or is it the time to conclude and close the book? The enigma is conveyed in the artist’s clever composition of the objects in the setting. As well, his trademark light and dark interplay makes September Story a dramatic and poignant scene.