Secret Window


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32" x 40"



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“A window from an old mill in the small river town of Milford, NJ. I painted this scene a number of years ago and the window has now almost disappeared from view. The mill has been abandoned for a long time. I often wonder what kind of stories lie behind these windows and locked doors, memories of hard working people and their dreams of prosperity and a better life. Those days and those people have come and gone. And now the town, like the mill, is asleep, as if awaiting its uncertain future.” – Alexander Volkov

Each guest who visits Marcus Ashley Gallery, whether physically or virtually, will enjoy undivided attention from the owners, art consultants, staff and custom framers. This is just one of the many reasons the gallery is considered one of Lake Tahoe’s premier fine art galleries. Its extensive assemblage of Alexander Volkov art is another. His oil paintings are coveted for their dramatic elegance, transforming private and public spaces from plain to sophisticated.

Volkov is a prolific artist, having produced hundreds of oils on canvas in various themes. Secret Window belongs to his Windows series, albeit with a different take. Here, the subject matter is portrayed from an outdoor point of view, a departure from the artist’s typical indoor setting. A passionate storyteller of the passage of time, he reveals the impact of abandonment on old buildings. While the dilapidated edifice crumbles from years of idleness, nature thrives around it and takes over the space. The cleverly used muted tones on the building and bright hues on the leaves indicate the winning side in this battle.