November Moonlight


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36" x 24"



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“Rose Irene Runge (Balogh) was born in this house 70 years ago. ‘My earliest memory of it is of the warmth of our large farm kitchen with its deep window sills, where my mom would place her pies and cakes to cool. Three times a day my mom, dad, three brothers, and I would gather at our round kitchen table for our meals and family conversation.’” – a memory of Alexander Volkov

The Marcus Ashley Fine Art Gallery is home to a vast assemblage of Alexander Volkov art. Within this treasure trove are the artist’s oil paintings of old houses with history. These pieces are ideal conversation pieces in contemporary homes, grand estates, luxury hotels, and vacation destinations. Their sublime landscapes and hushed colors provide a relaxing atmosphere.

November Moonlight depicts an autumn evening when Volkov’s trademark light and dark encounters are best captured. The subject matter is a house owned by James Balogh, Sr. In his daughter’s words: “The house was built in 1832. My father purchased the farm in the fall of 1931. To please my mother, who was not happy about the move from Patterson, New Jersey, he put in a Delco plant. These had to be charged every day to make electricity. One light bulb hung from the middle of each room with a pull string attached to it. The barn also had lights, eliminating the need for kerosene lanterns. My father was proud of his Delco plant as we were the only family on Hawks School House Road with this form of lighting.”