Moonlit Indian Path


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31" x 46"



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The Marcus Ashley Gallery arranges for artists to fly in for events, allowing art enthusiasts to meet the geniuses behind the collections. It’s one of many exclusive services the gallery offers, making it a frequent haunt of the art community. Its staff is also knowledgeable about the displayed works, including Alexander Volkov art.

In Moonlit Indian Path, the artist takes us to the precipice of a cliff overlooking a thicket of intertwined trees. Bathed in a silvery glow, the eeriness of this scene is replaced with an otherworldly beauty. Volkov’s keen eye for detail comes to life through the intricate nature of the trees. From this vantage point, the trees appear as if beckoning one to come closer.

The artist’s moonlit landscape pieces feature a fascinating blend of color, texture, and balance. Moonlit Indian Path accentuates the mysteries of nightfall, revealing the depth of Volkov’s exquisite craft.

Several works of the artist have been sourced for residential and commercial spaces. His work can effortlessly update the look and feel of a room, and it is no surprise that his paintings are spotted in upscale and quaint homes, restaurants, kitchens, and tea rooms.