Moon Dancing


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32" x 19"



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“…In the moonlight

All the words you say

Make it relatively easy

To be swept away

In the half-light

Can we trust the way we feel?

Can we be sure that anything is real?…” – Sting, Moonlight

The Marcus Ashley Gallery celebrates the works of local artists and even international talent. At the gallery, the patrons maintain an inclusive platform of art forms. Here is where you will find Alexander Volkov art proudly on display. The artist is famous for his heartfelt paintings that highlight the beauty of ordinary things.

In Moon Dancing, Volkov paints a curtain blowing in a gust of wind. It appears as if the curtain is caught in a kind of infinite pirouette. Twirling with the wind, the two whip against the window in the moonlight. The artist uses a muted palette of beige and white to create a soothing composition.

Light and shadows caress the surfaces of the room, creating a lovely marriage of depth and symmetry. Moon Dancing would go well in residential and commercial spaces with a minimalist or quaint aesthetic.