Lovers Lullaby


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22" x 30"



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“This is one of those paintings where the title and the painting speak for themselves.” – Alexander Volkov

Lake Tahoe is a picturesque destination that draws adventurers and nature lovers from all over. This scenic place is also home to the famous Marcus Ashley Gallery. Locals and visitors enjoy perusing the gallery’s collections. It is where art aficionados and budding collectors can explore works of art including Alexander Volkov art.

Lovers Lullaby carries the artist’s signature window scene drenched in the pale moonlight. The soft sheets remain unkempt with a whisper of what transpired moments ago. A vase of lovely daisies sits on the windowsill, enjoying the cool night air. Clean lines meet undulating shapes in hues of white, making this canvas pop with understated finesse.

Volkov’s ability to evoke emotions through his work says more about his craft than the pieces themselves. It’s what makes his paintings sought-after by art collectors from around the country and world. Lovers Lullaby will look lovely by a window, in an airy corridor, or over a mantle.