In The Moonlight


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27" x 40"



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“Empty rooms in the moonlight. When we leave, things that we live with begin to live lives of their own. We never leave tracelessly, there is always something that we leave behind, a sign that we were there, a promise that we will be coming back.” – Alexander Volkov

Travelers and locals from far and near always end up at the Marcus Ashley Gallery while traversing through Lake Tahoe. With the Sierra Nevada in full view, this little slice of heaven is a frequent haunt for outdoorsy folks. For collectors and newbies alike, taking home a piece from the Alexander Volkov art collection is a great way to remember one’s time at Lake Tahoe

Moonlight-drenched rooms and landscapes are a recurring theme that Volkov relies on for a rich composition. In The Moonlight demonstrates Volkov’s extraordinary brushwork that magically brings still objects to life. Depth and balance take the stage in this riveting composition.

An antique rocking chair sits by a window as a gentle breeze whips the curtain back and forth. The stone fireplace and floorboards give this place an old-world charm. Volkov shares how the things we leave behind are reminders of our presence. Things that we may return to one day. But in our absence, they carry on with secret lives in the shadows.

 In The Moonlight will create a striking ambiance and serve as the perfect conversation starter.