De Profundis


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36" x 25"



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“I have always felt the need to understand the concept of the Holy Trinity in my own way because I believe that the profound underlying principle for everything in life comes from one source. It may show itself to us in different ways and that’s why people call God by different names but I think that deep inside we imagine and long for one thing.

To me, in this painting, I’m trying to break the one-ness into three. One addresses what is in your heart, another what’s in your mind and the third one is something that you cannot comprehend.” – Alexander Volkov

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In De Profundis, Volkov’s imagination takes over as he deconstructs his perception of the Holy Trinity. In Christian doctrine, the father, son, and holy spirit coexist as one even though they are distinct entities. Volkov attempts to separate this idea of oneness by splitting the trifecta into different ideas that explain what the trinity means to him.

This piece portrays the artist’s workstation in soft candlelight. It reveals the shadow of a cutout that fills the emptiness of a single page. A painted version of the figure appears on the other end. The candlelight produces the third figure, creating a trinity of sorts. This symbolic representation lies against a cross-like frame, which adds a meaningful twist to this painting.

De Profundis is one of only 25 pieces sold worldwide and can be custom framed by the Marcus Ashley Gallery upon request.