Paris Impressions


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The Marcus Ashley Gallery in Lake Tahoe curates some of the world’s best collections. From contemporary and impressionism to abstract and realism, the works on display portray varied influences. Art collectors will enjoy viewing the exhibits of local and international artists. You’ll find the expressive works of Aleksandra Rozenvain art on display at the gallery.

The artist is the wife of Michael Rozenvain, an equally renowned artist whose work is also on display at the Marcus Ashley Gallery. Aleksandra’s work marries pointillism and impressionism influences to reanimate outdoor landscapes.

In “Paris Impressions”, the artist uses distinct geographic shapes and gradient tonal intensities. Together, the painted squares, rectangles, and irregular lines create focal points across the vibrant composition. The baroque-inspired piazza bursts with the artist’s quintessential vivid palette. Using visual clarity and linear directionality, Aleksandra invites viewers to move intentionally through the scene.

The bustling city square, wide canopy umbrellas, Victorian streetlights, and towering minarets carry premeditated pops of color. The artist breathes life into the scene as color and form materialize to create a wonderful place away from home. Art collectors will love how “Paris Impressions” effortlessly elevates the mood and ambiance of a room.