Dazzling City of Love


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Lake Tahoe is home to the Marcus Ashley Gallery, situated in the bustling square of Heavenly Village. Known for its seasonal beauty and lush landscapes, Lake Tahoe holds undeniable magic. The patrons of the gallery share a mutual love for the Californian paradise, a perfect destination for art enthusiasts. Come and explore the Aleksandra Rozenvain art collection on display and escape to charming getaways across the world.


Aleksandra’s work embodies artistic brilliance, heart, and careful execution. In Dazzling City of Love, the artist revives a quaint corner of the Saint-Germain-des-Prés quarter in Paris. Cafes line the streets, beckoning passersby to drop in for a hot espresso and a warm croissant. While locals and tourists huddle under colorful umbrellas, the air is alive with the pitter-patter of rain and soft chatter.


The artist paints the distant buildings in a monochrome palette of soft grays and whites. She strategically introduces vivid hues as the scene unfolds in the foreground. Bold, deliberate square-shaped brushstrokes command the painting, creating a tapestry of subdued and bold colors that weave a compelling, cohesive narrative. Dazzling City of Love captures the energy and beauty of Paris, even on a rainy day.