Aleksandra Rozenvain
  • From: Canada
  • Style: pointillism and impressionism
  • Media: Acrylic on Canvas
  • Subject: Landscapes and Cityscapes

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Aleksandra was born in Kiev, Ukraine where she obtained a degree in fine art. Not long after  she and her husband  Michael Rozenvain met, they immigrated to Toronto Canada in 2005.  Michael is also an established artist also represented by Marcus Ashley Gallery. 

Aleksandra’s artwork  is a re-creation of magical experiences she holds dear to her; Strolling through cities, and stunning landscapes from around the world. Her paintings capture the nuances of romance and adventure. Collectors around the world recognize her signature scenes of vibrantly dressed couples strolling together hand in hand, sharing an umbrella. In her landscapes, Aleksandra aims to capture the most powerful and intensely colored aspects of nature. Her passion for the outdoors is channeled through the expressive colors of her reflective lakes, luminous skies and striking mountain ranges.

Aleksandra’s style is a combination of pointillism and impressionism. Aleksandra uses geometric shapes to depict her favorite scenes, building on the pointillism movement. Her technique is a very structured application of the paint with a plate knife and her color composition is rich, yet subdued. Aleksandra’s mission is to bring love and life into her collector’s homes.