Powder Day


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Limited Edition

Signed and numbered

Art can empower, inspire, and stir up scintillating conversations. The Marcus Ashley Gallery invites visitors to experience the power and beauty of art under one roof. As you explore the mammoth exhibition space, you’ll come across Barak and Miri Rozenvain art. The talented brother-sister duo creates stunning contemporary art under the name 2Wild. Every piece they collaborate on magnifies each one’s artistic strengths and a keen eye for detail.

Powder Day reveals a skier caught cruising down a snowy slope as if in slow motion. The skier assumes the perfect posture, maneuvering down the tricky slope with expert precision. Miri and Barak Rozenvain capture the moment with a splatter of dense acrylic paints against the plexiglass. The two artists rely on paintbrushes and palette knives to add their artistic touches. Barak creates movement with faultless lines, smooth curves, and subdued paint flicks, perfectly complementing and elevating Miri’s enthusiastic drippy paint smears and extraordinary perception.

The clear surface is the perfect canvas, bringing textures and life-like dimensionality to life. Powder Day is an energetic representation of a shared passion (skiing) between Barak and Miri Rozenvain. Ski lovers, fans of 2Wild, and all those who enjoy avant-garde art will adore Powder Day.