Wild Surfing


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“My mission is to share the love for wildlife by bringing the beauty of nature and life into peoples’ homes.” – Miri Rozenvain

The Marcus Ashley Gallery is home to some of the best works of art by local and international artists. All are welcome to experience the numerous works of art on display under one roof. There’s much to see and learn at the gallery, an unconventional yet luxurious space for collectors. The Miri and Barak Rozenvain art is part of their growing collections of work.

As a refreshing collaborative duo, Miri and Barak create phenomenal works of art under the moniker 2Wild. Both siblings bring a dynamic set of skills and individuality to the table. Their paintings include an intriguing mix of media such as sand, resin, natural stones, clay, and paint. In Wild Surfing, a surfer rides a powerful wave as a flurry of butterflies traces the curvature of the artist and the surfboard.

Miri relies on paint drips and smears with pops of animated color to capture the energy of this breathtaking moment. Barak completes the scene with sculptural textures that underscore the majesty of this explosive scene. The artists use clear plexiglass as the base for Wild Surfing, highlighting a stimulating composition of color, texture, and shape.