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The Marcus Ashley Gallery is nestled against the scenic tranquility of Lake Tahoe, overlooking the majestic sight of the Sierra Nevada mountains. This makes it the ideal space for displaying works by 2Wild, an artistic collaboration by the brother-and-sister duo, Barak and Miri Rozenvain. The distinctly and equally talented duo have found their rhythm and work seamlessly together, creating art in a mixed media style.

2Wild aims to create art without boundaries. Barak incorporates a lot of rich texture into every piece, while Miri Rozenvain art is distinctly detailed and colorful. They use anything from grains of sand and magazine clippings to the occasional dash of glitter to bring their imagination to life. For Barak and Miri, art is all about texture and eye-catching colors.

Savor the Moment is set against a collaged background of magazine clippings and comic strips — a loud and busy contrast to a gentleman’s focused game of golf in the foreground. The visuals perfectly capture the siblings’ love for sports scenes, adding a vibrant energy to a traditionally leisurely sport through electric paint splatters. Savor the Moment will draw in the crowd, inviting people to observe how the subject savors the moment when the golf club meets the golf ball.