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Outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers find Lake Tahoe a surreal location to explore at leisure. After a fun day of taking in the sights and sounds, visitors can stop by the Marcus Ashley Gallery in Heavenly Village. The colossal exhibition space is home to some of the most stunning works of art. Avid collectors will enjoy the fascinating display of Barak and Miri Rozenvain art at the gallery. The brother-sister duo collaborates under the moniker 2Wild, playing on each other’s strengths to produce stunning masterpieces.

Cowboy at Heart reveals a tapestry of dynamic textures, colors, and forms. Miri and Barak Rozenvain introduce a quintessential Old West scene of a cowboy on his magnificent steed. Man and horse gallop with fiery energy and purpose amid a spray of vibrant paints. Miri relies on a palette of saturated hues and fluid brushwork to animate the mysterious subject on horseback. Barak’s love for textures is evident in the old newspaper clippings, thick drips of paint, and resin.

Barak and Miri art is often featured on clear plexiglass to create a seamless composition against a wall. Cowboy at Heart is a brilliant original that deserves a spot in an upscale space.