It Takes Two


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“We take our childhood experience of observing different methods and translate our love for nature into our three dimensional paintings.” – Miri & Barak Rozenvain of 2Wild

At Marcus Ashley Gallery, tourists and residents alike are treated to a delightful myriad of artwork created by globally recognized artists. The collection includes paintings, sculptures, books, and mixed media pieces, each reflecting the inspiring beauty of Lake Tahoe and complementing the calm it bestows. 2Wild — an impressive Barak and Miri Rozenvain art collection — holds its rightful place in the halls of the esteemed gallery.

As independent artists, Miri and Barak have established their own identities in various art circles worldwide. Together, as 2Wild, the sister and brother duo become more formidable. Intertwining their individual styles into one cohesive message, they succeed at producing one-of-a-kind pieces each time. And they do so once again in It Takes Two, a mixed media artwork on laser-cut plexiglass.

This faithful representation of a pair of skis entices the viewer to leave the comfort of their four walls and trek out to where the promise of an exhilarating escapade lies. Fans expecting Miri’s butterflies and Barak’s textures of paint, resin, sand, clay, and crystals will not be disappointed. It Takes Two offers all these and more.