Friendly Visitor


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Limited Edition

Signed and numbered

Lake Tahoe is a quaint art district with majestic views of the Sierra Nevada mountains. Visitors to the Marcus Ashley Gallery are also drawn to the scenic mountains and the tranquility of this Californian region. Art lovers agree the contemporary gallery is the perfect space to view and buy art. As you admire the gallery’s stunning pieces, you’ll come across Barak and Miri Rozenvain art. The brother-sister team creates some of the most breathtaking works of art under the moniker 2Wild.

Miri and Barak Rozenvain share a love for wildlife, skiing, and the great outdoors. These themes come to life in their collaborative works, doused with rich color and harmonious details. Passionate brushstrokes, premeditated paint smears, intriguing subjects, and mesmerizing textures take center stage in Friendly Visitor. The grizzly’s curiosity is evident on his fuzzy face, outlined with vivid butterflies. Extremely territorial yet social and intelligent, grizzly bears are best left alone with their kind.

The bear’s carefree yet protective nature is captured beautifully through Friendly Visitor.

Barak and Miri deposit saturated layers of paint on textured laser-cut plexiglass to create the desired effect, leaving behind a smorgasbord of smooth contours, clean lines, and seamless textures. This artwork will imbue a room with a warm yet lively aesthetic.